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Dirt Dolls beginnings...

Three accounting co-workers turned friends discovered a mutual love of mountain biking. Each coming from different biking experiences and skill levels, they decided to ride together at least once a week (especially for the after-ride champagne and great conversation) and Monday mountain biking was born. Through the years, word spread to other friends and the community and the Dirt Dolls were officially organized in 2010. Since then, the Dirt Dolls have remained an open and welcoming space for ladies wanting to mountain bike together - no matter what their skill level. We are beyond proud of how far we have come and look forward to what the future has in store.

Our Story: Who We Are

Dirt Dolls Founders


Amy Cox

Amy knows first-hand how important a group like Dirt Dolls is. She took up mountain biking for the first time at the age of 30 and hasn't looked back. Amy understands how intimidating that first ride can be and is determined to make everyone feel at ease and welcome each Monday. Her main goal is to encourage more women to take that first step where she is certain they will fall in love with mountain biking as much as she has. Amy is excited for each new season of fun, new faces, old faces, and post-ride champagne. 

You can reach Amy at 


Cacia Lewis

Cacia is a Level 1 Certified Instructor and loves to guide and teach. She enjoys downhilling and appreciates the technicality that comes with mountain biking. Cacia is a self-proclaimed whiner when it comes to the uphill but any day on a bike is a good day for her. She is often a stickler about making sure everyone is self-contained, educated, and is carrying the essentials for any ride. Cacia is stoked at the Dirt Dolls transformations that have occurred throughout the years and is excited for many seasons to come! 

You can reach Cacia at 208-251-2096 or


Tesh Coles

When Tesh started riding, her first bike was tagged with a sticker that read "this bike was not meant to be ridden off road" but it didn't stop her from learning what the foothills have to offer. Since then, it has been a fun, slow developing sport, but as the years and bike level improvements were made, the adventures, stories, and smiles grew. Tesh loves to ride, is always up for a new adventure and trying to get into better shape than the prior year by stopping one less time and pushing through a few more pedal strokes in a climb. Tesh is easy to spot/hear as she is the loud one of the group. 

You can reach Tesh at 208-961-1127 or

Our Story: Meet the Team


We are so fortunate to have found such an incredible group of talented and amazing women who volunteer their time each week to help with rides. We couldn't do any of this without them!

Jen Warr
Jodie Sharp
Teresa Newsom
Rachel Mauden
Melissa Zachary
Carolyn Park
Sara Boss
Our Story: Welcome

Disclaimer: Mountain biking involves several risks, some of which can cause serious injuries or worse. Anyone that rides with the Dirt Dolls assumes all risk and responsibility for his or her own safety and welfare. All riders will be required to sign a waiver prior to participating in any Dirt Dolls rides or events.

Our Story: Who We Are
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