Dirt Dolls FAQ

1) What is the Dirt Dolls?

The Dirt Dolls is a group of women who share a love of mountain biking. Our group motto is to “Inspire Women to Pedal,” and we live by this. We strive to create an open environment with no expectations but smiles. The group is led by several skilled women and consists of riders who have never ridden a bike to professional racers. We have organized rides each Monday during the summer months. More information on the Dirt Dolls can be obtained on our Facebook page or by emailing dirtdolls@live.com.


2) Who can join?

ANYONE! (Limited to ladies – sorry fellas.)

3) Do you charge a fee?

Nope. Our rides and events are completely free. We are operated 100% by volunteers.

4) How do I join?

Come to any of our Monday night rides or any Dirt Dolls event.

5) Do I have to have experience mountain biking?

No. We love beginners! We have a large group of skilled volunteers to help with whatever you may need and any questions you may have.

6) Do I have to have a bike?

Ideally yes. We will do our best to work with you on obtaining a rental or loaner bike, but obtaining your own bike will be necessary.

7) What days do you ride?
Every Monday during the summer months (usually April - September based on weather/trail conditions).

8) What part of the year do you offer organized rides?

Our official Dirt Dolls season typically begins mid to late April and ends around September based on weather/trail conditions.

9) How long are your rides?

Ride lengths vary depending on the number of daylight hours, trails chosen, ability levels, etc, but are typically in the range of 1-3 hours. We always finish each ride with an optional dinner/drinks get together.

10) Will I be expected to ride hard or long trails?

Each week we offer multiple rides based on skill levels and preferences. Typically we have a beginner, intermediate, and advanced option to choose from. Our goal is to create a nurturing and fun environment for all riders of different ability levels.

11) What do I need to bring to a ride?

At a minimum, please bring your bike, HELMET, and plenty of water. While our leads and sweeps will be carrying all the necessary items, we also suggest all riders carry an extra tube, a pump, a multi-tool, and snacks. Other helpful items include: First aid kit, an extra layer or rain layer, shock pump, energy chews, tire lever, chapstick, sunscreen, phone, wallet/ID, zip ties, duct tape, masterlink, etc. If you have no idea what some of these items are, don’t fret, we will gladly explain what items are necessary for each ride.


12) How can I stay up to date on Dirt Dolls events?

All of our ride info and events are posted on our webpage calendar as well as our Facebook page. During our in-season months, we have a weekly email distribution that will inform you of  any upcoming rides or events. If you’d like to be added, please email dirtdolls@live.com. Please feel free to email us any time with questions.

13) How can I reach the Dirt Dolls with additional questions?

Feel free to email us at dirtdolls@live.com or message us on Facebook or through our webpage.