Dirt Dolls

Who we are...

The Dirt Dolls began with a few passionate women and have grown immensely to a team of shredding divas. Our experiences consist of everything from the first day on dirt for some to riders who love to glide over skinnies and drop rocks. The one thing we all have in common is our love for pedaling. 

In addition to simply just having a good time, we love the technical aspects of mountain biking and strive to continually improve our skills through attending events like Trek's Dirt Series camps and local clinics by Cycle Right. Our leaders have learned from some of the best riders from all over and love to pass on knowledge each week. 

Once a week (during our on-season), the Dirt Dolls pick fabulous trails to ride and typically finish the evening with a "tail-gate" of snacks and drinks of some sort. It is our mission to maintain an open environment with no expectations but smiles. We love newbies and we're always happy to answer any questions you might have - so come check us out! 

The Dirt Dolls would love to welcome any and all female riders (18 and older). We offer several rides each Monday in Boise, ID based on skill level (early May through September). If you'd like to join the Dirt Dolls for a ride, be sure to check out our calendar or Facebook page for any year-round upcoming events!


Group Ride Descriptions

  • Newbie: New to mountain biking; never ridden a bike or ridden a bike very few times; or are uncomfortable riding a bike. This group will ride a short distance at a slow pace and stop frequently (~1-3 miles).

  • Beginner: New to biking, but ride occasionally; comfortable with short distances (mild incline and/or descent); uncomfortable with technical riding, but would like to progress. This group will ride a short distance at a slow to moderate pace and stop frequently (~2-5 miles).

  • Intermediate: Ride regularly; familiarity with basic mountain biking technique; ability to ride several miles at a moderate pace including inclines and possible technical descents; and comfortable with moderate technical features (including jumps, drops, rocks, etc.). This group will ride a moderate distance at a moderate pace and stop occasionally (~5-10 miles). 

  • Advanced: Ride frequently; knowledge and ability of technical mountain biking; and ability to ride several miles at a quick pace including technical inclines and descents. This group will ride a longer distance at a quick pace and stop infrequently (~7-15 miles).


Inspire Women to Pedal!


Disclaimer: Mountain biking involves several risks, some of which can cause serious injuries or worse. Anyone that rides with the Dirt Dolls assumes all risk and responsibility for his or her own safety and welfare. All riders will be required to sign a waiver prior to participating in any Dirt Dolls rides or events.